Be weird and give each other a story to tell

I talk about how we all have different perspectives by telling a story about an awkward time when I was 17.

I turn 40 tomorrow (October 12). And I wanted to do something unique and different here in celebration of it. And this is part of that.

I recorded audio of myself discussing how we all have different perspectives of the same impressions we give each other, and those perspectives shape how we tell our version of the event. When I was doing standup at open mics before COVID, I had a lot of stories to tell that were my perspectives on events in my life. This is the flipside of that. In this story, I am the one who gave a story to someone to tell.

The video has my audio with captions and occasional gifs for visual aids. This was fun to make and I’m curious how you all feel about this style of content/video. Was it fun? I also chose not to fine-tune my audio, so that it was raw and had all the “uhs” and stuff. I was hoping that would add some charm, but if it’s just annoying, let me know.

What awkward stories do you have? Do you think the girl from my story tells a great version of this event? I hope she does. But that’s my perspective and so on and so forth.

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